Fleas and Ticks


Fleas and Ticks

If fleas or ticks anre attacking your pet, you may wonder how best to get rid of fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks can be more difficult to control than regular invasive pests like ants or roaches. We have found three foundations for effective flea and tick control.

The source – Because fleas and ticks must have a host to survive, there must be a host that has introduced the pests to your pets. It may be a certain area that you walk your dog that other people may walk their infested pets. It may be a neighbor’s pet who comes into your yard, or shares a fence with you. It could even be a rodent in the neighborhood that gets onto your property. Whatever the reason, precautions must be made to exclude or limit the offending host.

Pest Control – Our general pest control service will help discourage the random flea and tick that comes in contact with our treatment. However, once your pets have become hosts for these pests, we enter another level of pest control service. If caught early, fleas can often be eliminated in one interior service. For this service you will need to vacuum the carpets, rugs and furniture thoroughly and immediately clean out the canister or throw away the vacuum bag (the vibrations can cause flea eggs you’ve vacuumed up to hatch).

Medicine – Veterinarian prescribed flea and tick medicine for your pet is essential for successful eradication. While not totally able to rid your pet of fleas and ticks in every circumstance, flea medication from your vet must be used in conjunction with pest control and eliminating the flea or tick source. The quicker we can identify and treat theinfestation, the quicker and more cost effectively we can eradicate a flea or tick issue.

The quicker we can identify and treat the infestation, the quicker and more cost effectively we can eradicate a flea or tick issue.